77% of customers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good customer service.

Don't you hate it when you get to a customer service representative who is just reading off a script? Then you finally get 'handed' off to a 'supervisor' who might still not be able to help you? Well, your customers hate that too.

LYNXUS agents are well versed in your brand promise and empowered to listen, assess, and resolve problems, provide order status, track specific shipments, and resolve billing issues. That makes call resolution faster and better for your customers who reward your company with loyalty and have a superior customer experience.

For example, this client is a well-known final-mile delivery network that guarantees damage-free service of over 2000 shipments per day but, their customer service needed an overhaul.

A truckload of unanswered emails

The client had a backlog of over 3,000 customer emails, some of them sitting unanswered for 5+ days.
The LYNXUS swat team of 14 agents cleared them all in 12 weeks. Then we ramped down the team to six agents who now take care up to 800 emails daily and maintains a maximum running accretion of only 300 emails – a 90% reduction

Response time lagged

The client's response time had been an average of 2 days.
The dedicated LYNXUS customer care team reduced response time to 5 hours – a 90% reduction.

Customer Experience.

LYNXUS professionals make communications personal, so each customer feels valued by your brand and issues are quickly resolved.

LYNXUS delivers intelligent customer care

Rapid Response Time

Your customers will value the opportunity to interact with agents who are not only knowledgeable but also empowered to provide quick and precise responses.

Omni-channel Support
We ensure that our customer care agents are available across your customers' preferred communication channels for all outbound communications. Whether through phone, email, text, or chat, our agents are ready to represent your brand and connect with your customers in the manner they find most convenient.

Genuine, Unscripted Interactions
Our agents go beyond the conventional role of seat-fillers or script-readers. They are adept communicators, trained to enhance customer satisfaction through genuine, unscripted interactions. Their expertise in empathetic communication helps soothe customer frustrations and guide them to satisfactory resolutions within the guidelines you have set.

We guarantee daily interactions characterized by complete transparency and efficient communication. Performance is meticulously analyzed during weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews to ensure continuous progress and alignment with your objectives.

On-brand Engagement
Deeply integrating your brand, values, and culture, our team undergoes proprietary training that starts from the very selection process, ensuring a natural fit with your brand before onboarding. The onboarding process is tailored to each agent, incorporating a blend of industry knowledge, process training, and practical experience, gradually moving towards full productivity.

We employ nesting stages and reactive analysis to monitor and manage agent productivity and quality, ensuring a swift progression to peak performance levels and the achievement of desired KPIs and success metrics.

With LYNXUS, continuous improvement is a cornerstone of our service. Through performance audits, predictive analyses, and the application of innovative solutions, we aim to drive perpetual enhancement in our operations.