Many logistics businesses have been left vulnerable to malignant perpetrators in a rush to digitize and compete. 55% of logistics employees consider themselves unequipped to identify or deal with cyberattacks.

Amazonization has disrupted supply chain operations. The complexity and scale of hyper-personalization, up-to-the-minute consignee updates, extreme customer service, convenience, and lightning-fast delivery strain every link between manufacturers and consignees. The amount of information required to coordinate across so many partners to distribute goods is staggering. Every partner must trust that the information they need to will be accurate and on time. Any glitch in the data exchange can cost millions and destroy companies.

LYNXUS can help logistics companies diagnose vulnerabilities, design assessments, and build proactive protection programs to avoid emerging threats.

Securely Exchange Digital Information with Partners

Emails are the most common form of data exchange. Your staff may think they're emailing a supplier and never realize they have just passed vital business information to a hacker. APIs connect divergent systems and represent a weak point that criminals can exploit. Partner clouds, the web, and networks are all susceptible. Every personal smartphone and tablet can be a point of penetration. Our cybersecurity assessment will identify configurations that create potential data breaches.

Keep goods moving

Ransomware and data hacks can bring your logistics processes to a standstill. Loads are subject to fees, and fresh products may spoil. Dock scheduling degenerates into a logistical nightmare all across the country. Customers don't blame the hackers. They become frustrated and even angry with the retailer and the carrier. Your reputation and future business are on the line. LYNXUS cybersecurity solutions help prevent the fallout before it impacts your bottom line.

Private personal information protections

USA federal law and international regulations require you to protect every name, address, and piece of personal data you store or pass through your systems. Your business is responsible for keeping it safe. Our combination of man and machine mitigates the risk of exposure.

Keep your data Secure at all times

Your business data is a valuable asset that requires the utmost protection. We employ industry-leading security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information. Our secure infrastructure, advanced encryption protocols, and strict access controls create multiple layers of defense against unauthorized access.

Selected Success Stories
Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Developed Cybersecurity roadmap and program for 3 years. Developed policies and procedures aligned with NIST and leading industry frameworks. Further developed secure standards for various assets including Servers, Databases, Network equipment's, and applications.


Penetration testing for centralized order tracking system for a mid-size shipping company based out of US. Highlighted 10+ critical and high vulnerabilities including open end points which could have resulted in customer data loss and reputation requirements.


Performed penetration testing for all Internet facing API's interacting with the customers and third-party providers to identify vulnerabilities which may impact customer information and data pollution for production environments.

LYNXUS security solutions portfolio

Web Penetration Testing

Using variety of tools and in-depth manual test aligned with OWASP, we focus on business logic to uncover complex vulnerabilities.

Mobile Testing

Combine traditional static and dynamic testing techniques to discover issues and malicious activities in your mobile apps (Android and IoS).

API Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in the API and eliminate critical to common security concerns.

Network Security Testing (I/E)

Automated network scanning and human-assisted testing capabilities with focus on identifying vulnerabilities on network services.

Cloud Configuration Reviews

Identify cloud services' run-time misconfiguration.


Identify security vulnerabilities while web applications are running, without the need for source code.


Automated scan & manual tests to identify and eliminate critical software security vulnerabilities in your source code.


Identify security and compliance issues within the open-source libraries