Expedite invoice processing

If your Accounts Payable (AP) team is bogged down by the manual handling of invoices, or even if they're using standard or bespoke AP or F&A software, the time spent receiving, organizing, and scanning invoices can be a significant drain on their resources. LYNXUS offers a solution that frees your team from these transactional tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-level accounting strategies.

 Invoice and T&E Processing Services:

  • Receipt: Streamlining the initial reception of invoices.
  • Verification: Ensuring that received goods or services match the invoices.
  • PO Comparison: Matching invoices against purchase orders to verify accuracy.
  • Payment Processing: Facilitating the timely payment of invoices.
  • Consolidation: Combining multiple invoices for efficiency.
  • Submission: Efficiently submitting invoices as required.
  • Remittance: Handling the remittance process for payments made.

By offloading these tasks to LYNXUS, your AP team can redirect their efforts towards more strategic and impactful accounting activities.

The flow of invoicing and payments is often tedious.  It's a time-consuming burden on your staff to receive, organize, and scan invoices if you're Accounts Payable (AP) team is processing invoices manually or even using AP softwarev LYNXUS relieves your staff of this transactional work so their time is spent on more strategic accounting practicesv LYNXUS delivers:

    • Reduced cost per invoice. Save up to 40% to 60% in operating costs

    • Invoice turnaround. Faster processing reduces your Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) so you get paid faster after a saleu

    • Improve accuracy. Cut back on losses due to errors with LYNXUS quality assurance

    • Increase customer satisfaction. LYNXUS processing takes the headaches out of billing and payments for your partners and customers that can earn you early payment discounts from suppliers – and avoid late feesu

    • No more spending leaks by audit for duplicate payments

    • Scalability. LYNXUS has access to top freight accounting professionals so AP can scale with your business growth without capital expenditure for FT employees or infrastructure.

LYNXUS delivers intelligent invoice processing

    • Freight billing professionals

LYNXUS enlists only billing experts adept at the most popular AP and F&A software and manual invoicing procedures. Our professionals have training and experience, specifically in freight billing. They understand the ins-and-outs that are peculiar to freight accounting.

    • Your workflow, plus

LYNXUS noise-free migration means fast ramp-ups. You and your staff are not required to replace your existing systems or change your workflow. We simply take on the tiresome functions that are impeding your accounting department. As we conduct those functions, we will begin to see ways to speed processes and increase accuracy. We come to you with our recommendations. We work together with you to drive continuous improvement and efficiency through process engineering and automation.

    • Automation and integration advisors

LYNXUS executives led digitalization transformations for Global 1000 companies and continue to serve as consultants in automation and AI integration. They will advise on:

    • Reduce average time to pay invoices

    • Process invoices for less cost

    • Take control of late payments

    • Eliminate duplicate payments

    • Integrate and synchronize data between AP, finance, and general ledger.