Get traction for your lead generation strategy

Optimize your inside sales results and support your sales efforts by engaging in omni-channel outreach.

Every business must attract new clients while nurturing existing customers to garner more jobs. It takes sales professionals who are adept at communicating your sales proposition and capabilities while finding affinity with the prospect. LYNXUS lead generation proficiencies:

    • Outbound and inbound calling

    • Automated email, chat, messaging, social media

    • Website and landing pages conversiom

    • Lead qualification from cold, marketing-qualified (MQL), sales-qualified (SQL)

    • Quote prices and explain services and differentiators

    • Research decision makers to identify unmet customer needs and opportunities for your business

    • Active trigger monitoring and alerts

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) Updates

    • Nurture current accounts to maintain relations and discover expansion opportunities

    • Carrier load matching and capacity matching

    • Strategic analysis of portfolio profitability and portfolio management.

LYNXUS delivers intelligent lead generation for Transportation & Logistics companies.

Lead generation designed for specifically for T&L companies

    • Transportation, trucking, sea, rail

    • Freight shipping

    • Freight forwarding

    • Distribution & warehousing

    • Relocation & logistics

    • Moving companies

    Penetrate companies and expand your customer base

      • Freight forwarders

      • Manufacturing

      • Pharmaceuticals

      • Automotive

      • Food & beverage

      • Electronics

      • Wholesale trade

      • Retail

    Connect with confirmed decision makers

      • Logistics managers

      • Freight forwarders

      • Customs brokers

      • Project cargo service providers